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Below you will find detailed answers to questions on some of the most important topics in the locksmith field. Read this FAQ page from top to bottom to ensure that you will not miss even a single bit of practical information. Use everything which you learn here to your advantage.

We Replace and Install Door, Cabinet, Window and Sliding Door Locks

If you have questions about digital locks or want to find out what to do when keys bring more trouble than convenience, trust the answers we provide right here below to frequently asked questions. They are all related to similar security matters and try to make your life more secure.

  • Can I install a UPVC door lock by myself?

    You probably could with enough trial and error, but who’s to say what you might miss during the process. An improperly installed lock doesn’t offer adequate protection from security threats since they are easy to tamper with. That is why it is better to have UPVC door locks installed by a professional locksmith when you have one fitted.

  • What is the master lock system?

    The master lock system has a central, master key and many individual ones. The master key opens all fifty locks of a flat building, for example, while the individual keys of each flat will only open each specific flat. They have different pin configurations.

  • Which locks are the best?

    Yale and Chubb locks are top but the main thing is to find security locks, which are convenient for you. If you can't stand key problems any longer, Locksmith Wimbledon suggests digital locks. In any case, you must choose locks which are resistant and durable.

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